June 26, 2016

Dear Parishioners, The shootings in Orlando – as the previous shootings nearby in San Bernardino and other terrorist attacks around the world – are stark reminders of the fragility of our lives. Hopefully, they also remind us of the precious gift of our lives given to us by God our Creator.

What makes the attack of a terrorist so frightening is precisely the fact that it is a brother human being who inflicts the violence, and even does so in the name of God. Frighteningly, we human beings can become so warped that we lose all perspective. We human beings can become so embittered, so inflamed with ideologies, that our very spirits are twisted. In this Year of Mercy, our Holy Father has been regularly reminding us of how all too often we can become indifferent and merciless.

We join in prayer for those killed and wounded in Orlando, and for their families and friends in this time of shock and grief. We pray also for those whose spirits are filled with anger and hatred, with bitterness and distrust.

We pray that human beings will not fall prey to evil. We pray that human beings will remember that, whatever our differences, God made us and we are all God’s children.

The evil that can twist the heart of terrorists and make them so callous and violent can also infect our hearts and minds– even in the best of us. As we rightly decry the terrible atrocities done in our world, let us take a moment to look at our own lives in light of this terrible event, to look anew into our hearts. It is a rare one of us who does not carry resentments and prejudices and who refrains from rashly and wrongly judging others. It is a rare one of us who does not sometimes personalize disagreements, and end up demeaning persons instead of debating issues. It is a rare one of us who does not engage in gossip and perpetrate harm to the reputations of others. It is a rare one of us who handles anger in truly constructive ways; instead we lash out verbally and sometimes physically. With St. Francis, let us pray: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”

Originally, I had intended to devote this Pastor’s Message to thank Father Bao for his two years of service with us. Indeed, he has been an instrument of God’s peace among us. He has sown love here in our parish family of OLPH. Fr. Bao has helped us appreciate the love of Jesus and the challenges of the Gospel. He has called us to grow in holiness and to rely on God’s mercy. He has been a true “Father” and “Brother” for us – and especially for Fathers Alberto and myself. We will miss him. Let us keep him in prayer as he accepts his new mission. Father Bao, we thank you and we thank God for you! Father Bao, please know you always have a home here at OLPH! Father Bao, we love you!

May Jesus, who calls us to follow him and to proclaim the gospel by our lives, grant us peace. May Mary, our Lady of Perpetual Help whose feast day we celebrate this coming Monday, June 27, pray for us.

Father Craig

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