May 29, 2016

Dear Parishioners,
This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, often known by its short title in Latin as the Feast of Corpus Christi.
The Sacred Eucharist is such a precious gift. In Holy Communion, we receive the Lord Jesus Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity (Council of Trent, Decree on the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, 11 October 1551). He is really and truly present with us, within us, for us! In each celebration of the Mass, the saving events of Christ’s Passover, his Death and Resurrection, are “made present” for our salvation (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1364).
This feast of Corpus Christi is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the quality of our reverence for this divine gift. Sometimes we can get “sloppy” and “take for granted” the awesome reality of the Eucharist. For example, we can for-get to genuflect or bow towards the tabernacle (or do this so hurriedly and haphazardly that it is anything but reverent).
We manifest reverence for this sacrament by preparing ourselves beforehand, making use of the Sacrament of Penance when we are in grave sin, praying for the grace to make a good Communion (perhaps using one of the prayers before Holy Communion printed elsewhere in this bulletin).
Unless age or medical infirmity suggests otherwise, we are asked to fast from any food or drink (except water or medi-cation) at least an hour before receiving Communion (canon 919). In particular, we should never chew gum before Communion.
At the time of Holy Communion, the liturgical norms direct that we receive standing – this is a sign that by giving Him-self to us in this sacrament that Jesus raises us up to new life in union with Himself. As the person before us is receiving, we are asked to make a slight bow of our heads as a final preparation and sign of respect (this is not a time to genuflect which can distract others in the communion procession). Once in front of the minister of the Eucharist, look at the host and chalice as they are presented, and after hearing the words “The Body of Christ” or “The Blood of Christ,” re-spond with a firm “Amen” – a response that manifests that we indeed believe that we truly are receiving the Lord Jesus! If receiving on the hand, please be sure your hands are clean and that you are not holding anything at all. Let the minis-ter gently place the host in your hand (never reach for it); then step to the side and immediately consume the host. Also, please never make sign of the cross holding the host – first consume it and then it is a beautiful custom to make the sign of the cross. If receiving Holy Communion on your tongue, after saying “Amen” open your mouth moderately and stick your tongue partially so that the minister can easily place the host on your tongue. If you choose to receive the Precious Blood from the chalice, please reverently take the chalice in both hands, take a sip and then return the chalice to the Eucharistic minister.
May Jesus, the Bread of Life who poured out his Blood in sacrifice for our salvation, fill us with his grace and peace. May Mary, whose womb was the first tabernacle, help us appreciate the precious gift of friendship with her Son!
Father Craig

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