November 1, 2015

Dear Parishioners,

Today is All Saints Day. Outside of the “big three” feasts of Easter, Christmas and Pentecost, this is my favorite liturgical celebration. It is OUR DAY! We are all called to be saints! In fact, the term used by St. Paul to refer to the first generation of Christians was “the saints.”

God created us for sainthood. God created us to enjoy eternal life and ultimate fulfillment. And God gives us the grace to be holy here and now. All Saints Day reminds us of our calling and our destiny. All Saints Day reminds us of our dignity and of the wonderful possibilities within us when we cooperate with God’s grace. All Saints Day invites us to dare to be great, to be our best selves, to be truly Christ-like. This call to holiness is not a drudge; it is an invitation to joy and peace. Can we trust that God wants us to be fulfilled, that God truly desires our greatest good and wishes us to be happy in this life and in the life to come? If we trust that our God, who is love, desires this for us, then opening ourselves to the grace of holiness is something that we will do with joy and enthusiasm.

So easily we can settle for “second-best” or even for mediocrity. When we lack trust in God that God’s way is truly the way of the fullness of life, we can tend to “hedge our bets.” We try to “compromise” with the ways of the world. Ultimately, when we do this, we cheat ourselves. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). All Saints Day reminds us of the wisdom of God. All Saints Day reminds us of our call to greatness. All Saints Day points us to the fullness of life and joy!

Monday is All Souls Day, a day of remembrance and prayer for our family members, friends, fellow parishioners and all who have passed through this life. Please take advantage of the opportunity to have your deceased loved ones remembered in our Novena of All Souls Masses. Eighteen years ago my Dad died on All Souls Day and I am including him and my Mom and brother and grandparents among others in this Novena.

For these two feasts, please join us Sunday evening for our “Night of Fire and Light.” The celebration last year was so beautiful and peaceful. Treat yourself by coming!

May Jesus, who calls us to greatness and holiness, fill us with joy and peace! May Mary, who gave herself fully to God’s invitation, teach us to faithfully and wholeheartedly follow her Son!

Father Craig

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08 November

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