July 24 , 2016

Dear Parishioners,

On July 14, Archbishop Gomez published a letter in Angelus News (formerly The Tidings) that reflected on some troubling developments in our society which affect our God-given and constitutionally protected right of religious liberty. Let me suggest you take a few minutes to go to Angelus News Online ( for July 14 to read the Archbishop’s letter in its entirety. For this Pastor’s Message, I want to share a few excerpts from that letter with you.

Archbishop Gomez spoke of a “disturbing pattern — of our government mandating policies that erode religious freedoms and conscience protections that are essential for democracy and civilized society.”

As manifestations of this pattern, the Archbishop cited a number of examples among which were: “Here in California, the state government has been trying to coerce every health insurance plan in the state to pay for abortions, including abortions performed in the final weeks of a pregnancy. New York’s leaders have been trying to do the same thing in that state. . . Also late last month, a court in Washington state ruled that every hospital there that provides maternity care must also perform abortions.”

Archbishop Gomez expressed serious concern that “government and cultural elites now seem to be functioning as if they are a new religion imposing a new ‘orthodoxy’ on the rest of society — forcing the rest of us to believe what they believe and to act the way they want us to act.”

In response, our Archbishop urged that “as Catholics we need to commit ourselves to being people of prayer and compassion. We need to pray for strength and wisdom and as the apostles did we need to pray for those in authority.” He reminded us that “Our identity and mandate as Catholics has never come from a government. It comes from the Lord Jesus Christ — who calls us to follow him in serving the poor and the weak and proclaiming liberty to all who are in captivity.”

Whatever our political persuasions, we know that the wisdom of our founders in crafting the Constitution and Bill of Rights was to assure that there be critical limitations on the government. This was precisely to assure basic freedoms that they understood belong to people by human right, not by the “grant” or the “tolerance” of the government. The Archbishop is wise in asking that we reflect deeply on these developments in our society and be vigilant when it comes to the precious right of religious freedom.

May Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life, who came to free us from sin and death, guide and protect us! May Mary, who was always true to her conscience and was totally committed to following God’s call, pray for us!

Father Craig

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