Campaign News

Campaign News

In 2013, our parish community will embark upon its most ambitious effort thus far with a three year goal to raise $7.8 million.  The preliminary cost estimate of the proposed new church is $10 million (please see the most current rendering on the Our Plan page).  To begin construction the Archdiocese requires us to raise 60% or $6 million of the necessary funds needed to build and we must repay a loan for the land of $1.8 million.  Therefore, added together, the goal is $7.8 million.

Our architectural firm, JVC Architects, has provided the $10 million cost estimate in the conceptual phase of their work.  It includes the following:

  1. Construction costs including foundations, exterior and interior walls, restrooms, etc.
  2. Site Work including earthwork, utilities, paving, landscaping, etc.
  3. Soft Costs including architectural fees, permit fees, project management fees, pews, furnishings and other enhancements; and
  4. Contingency costs

This is a formidable number.  But, if we do not lose heart and keep pressing toward the mark, we can and will achieve it sooner than you might think. We can be proud that we were successful in already raising the necessary funds to construct our Pastoral Center and new parking lot.  With the completion of these projects by Easter, 2013, our foundation will be firmly laid for the future.

Let these words be encouragement to us as well. We can and we will complete the action if we remain enthusiastic for the project and steadfast in our pursuit.

What you will be asked ….
Guided by Monsignor Martini, our Campaign Directors and with the counsel of Dr. Steve McSwain, our parishioners will be asked to join us in celebrating our parish.  At Mass, we will celebrate our ministries, our children and youth programs, and delve deep into a week of profound prayer.  We will meet in gatherings to preview what our dream of a new church might look like, where it will be and what it will take to begin its construction.

All of this will culminate in late-April where we will firmly acknowledge what it is that is our dream, recognize that together we are a strong team that believes, “With God All Things Are Possible,” will have prayed on this inspiration and our role in it, re-commit ourselves to the effort to build it.  Commitment Sunday is April 28th, 2013.  Parishioners will be asked to make a pledge for the construction of the new church.

The campaign commenced in March 2013 and it is planned to culminate in three years with the necessary funds to break ground on a new church for OLPH in 2016!

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